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For our 3rd annual Diversity & Inclusion Awards, we are introducing new categories for inclusive organizations and individuals who are leading by example and promoting ongoing change in the business community. We are so proud to recognize the ideas, hard work, and cultural shifts that companies and leaders put into making their communities and business practices safe, transparent, inclusive, and welcoming to all people. 

Please join us in celebrating these tireless voices of change by submitting them for this prestigious and important award. The honorees will be published in a special print and digital section on crainsnewyork.com on May 22nd. 

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Friday, March 24




  • DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS (organization): This award recognizes organizations in all industries that have committed to a diverse workforce and have programs or initiatives advancing the promotion of diversity in the workplace. We will have three categories (broken out by the number of employees). We will pick five finalists in each size grouping and announce one winner in each grouping at the event.
  • SHOWING THE WAY (organization)Case studies of change within an organization that have proven to be successful. This category awards real life examples of diversity and inclusion practices within an organization that have produced a positive change within the organization’s company culture.
  • EMERGING LEADERS (individual): This award recognizes emerging leaders at a New York City company or organization that has promoted programs or initiatives advancing diversity and inclusion. We will honor five nominees.
  • TOP D&I OFFICER (individual): This award recognizes individuals whose primary job is promoting diversity within their organization and who have successfully steered the diversity agenda throughout the organization and the wider community. We will recognize five finalists and announce one winner at the event.



  • “Diversity” means having people of diverse backgrounds (race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, et cetera) in the workforce and in management.
  • “Inclusion” means that all of those diverse people have a voice in the planning and operations of the company or organization.


  • work within the New York City metro area (the five boroughs of NYC or Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Bergen counties) to qualify
  • be employed for a minimum of 5 years (not including emerging leader category)
  • have shown the ability or power to effect change in their role, area of practice or as an organization
  • be involved in mentorship, community or philanthropic activities
  • have assumed a leadership position in matters of diversity and inclusion (either inside or outside their company)
  • focus on recent achievements (within the last 12 to 24 months)


- Please note: you may submit multiple nominations for multiple categories. Any past award winners may submit again! Please send any inquiries on the submission process to nyawards@crainsnewyork.com